20 Apr 2011

Q is for Questions.

Some time ago, I wrote a series of posts about life stories, in which I asked a number of important questions about life, love and authenticity, 3 topics close to my heart.

The letter 'Q' in this A to Z Challenge month seemed like a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into the series.

Therefore, without further ado, here is a new list of life questions to reflect on, share or discuss:

  1. What makes me smile?
  2. What is my biggest talent?
  3. What am I most proud of in my life?
  4. Do I allow myself to make mistakes?
  5. How can I make my life less stressful?
  6. What was I like as a child? How have I changed?
  7. Who could I not live without? Have I let them know? Recently?
  8. What does 'beauty' mean to me? Am I beautiful?
  9. When have I last said 'thank you' and really meant it?
  10. When have I last said 'I love you' and really meant it?
  11. What is my passion? How much time do I spend on it?
  12. Am I as good a partner as I expect my partners to be?
  13. Which 3 things I could do would really improve my health?
  14. If I had to eliminate one emotion from my life, which one would I choose?
  15. Which people have contributed to the person I have become?
  16. If I found out, with certainty, there was a heaven and hell after death, what would I change about my life?

Which question(s) struck a chord?

Image: 'Day Dream (Explore!)' by Gauri Ma. Available under a creative commons license. © 2008, Gauri Ma.
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  1. I will try to answer the questions. sunshine and babies/communication/I always keep my promises/I can't seem to STOP making mistakes/live in a cave/a loner/still am/my chiropractor yes and yes/beauty stops you dead in your tracks and demands your attention no/today/a few days ago, to tell my families stories..too much/nope/lose weight, exercise and have regular checkups/anger/every single person I have ever met/nothing. Those were tough questions and I really had to think about some of them. Thanks for the exercise.

  2. Great questions to ask. Rather revealing.
    What's my passion? Writing. How much time do I spend on it? not enough.

  3. @mybabyjohn: wow, thanks for taking the time to answer them all!

    @Lynda: they're all questions I ask myself every so often. I'm not very good at standing still to see where I'm going, but this seems to help - a bit.

  4. Fortunately I spent my weekend navel-gazing. :)

    That question about eliminating one emotion kind of struck a chord. I'm not sure what it would be, but maybe envy or insecurity. I don't like it when I start feeling either one of those things. They both feel like walking backwards. Good questions!

  5. These questions are all far too difficult! Except for 14. Jealousy. I really need to quash that one. Oh! I'm an ISFJ, by the way. :)

  6. My passion is golf. Two days a week is not enough I still allow mistakes.

  7. @L.G.: lol, a cosmic non-coincidence, I'm sure. =)

    @Nicki: I tend to be a difficult person. =) Wow, another ISFJ in the blogosphere. Quite a few responded to my MBTI-post. Interesting! :-)

    @Bob: glad you've found your passion! :-)

  8. What great questions. I have spent most of my adult life looking at these and similar issues. The question that most struck a chord is What is beautiful and am I beautiful. I felt ugly most of my life. Now I know that wasn't true. But now I am also turning 62 in a few days and no longer feel very attractive. But outer beauty never lasts and I am at peace with who I have become, which I guess I can say is a beautiful person.Eek. That feels weird to say.

  9. Hi Karen :-)

    I'm so glad you picked that question, because 'beauty' and 'beautiful' have become such loaded words that I almost left the question out.

    From what I see (on the picture on your blog and in what you write), you are beautiful.

    The fact that somehow along the line, some people started confusing 'beautiful' with 'young' or 'skinny', doesn't have to affect us.

    The meanings of words evolve all the time, so maybe it's time we nudge 'beautiful' in a less restrictive direction. :-)

  10. I've copied the posting and will work on all of them. It's a lifelong challenge and the questions change very little -- each is so important to helping us become the best we can be... Thank you.

    Hello, fellow A-Z Challenger! Here's my latest entry. Come visit either of my blogs when you can and leave some comment love:

    Q is for Quintessential http://bit.ly/hR3Pbk

    http://www.rockinchairreflections.com (A-Z)
    Twitter: @SolarChief

  11. What emotion would I get rid of if I could?

    Jealousy -- It's the only emotion that doesn't make you feel better. -- think about it.
    When we are angry, it feels good to vent.

    It doesn't feel good to be jealous. Jealousy eats away at your good judgment, your patience.

    If I could, I would send jealousy to the trash pile.

    MM the Queen of English

  12. great questions for reflection.maybe i should take time to answer all of them as well.

  13. @Sharlene: a lifelong challenge indeed!

    @queenofenglish: if I'd have to say something positive about jealousy, I'd say it can motivate us to do better and surpass our limitations, but I agree that more often it's quite destructive!

    @nutschell: thanks! :-)

  14. 3. I would have said I was most proud of my children...before they became teenagers. :/ ;)

    4. I wouldn't say I "allow" myself to make mistakes, but sadly, I never wait for permission.

    16. I already believe to the point of near-certainty that there is a heaven and hell after life, and so I try to live accordingly.

  15. @Shelli: good thing your teenagers will be adults one day :-)

  16. I love the passion question. I think some people will say something is their passion, but they haven't analyzed how much time they spend on it. Are you neglecting your passion? Or are you not spending a lot of time on it because it's really not your passion? Do you think it's your passion just because of habit or because people tell you you're good at it? It's a lot to think about.

  17. Great points, Suzanne! Definitely something to think about. :-)


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