23 Sep 2011

Celebrate good times ...

I've been quiet on the blog this week, but I had a good reason. About a month ago, I applied for a new job, which I hadn't done in a long time.

After a strenuous bilingual interview yesterday, I got the call earlier today: I've got the job and I'm starting next week.

The new job is at the university where I've been working for the past fourteen years, but it's still a big change. I'll have a lot more responsibility, it involves more travelling and international networking (yay!) and - the biggest change of all: I will no longer be teaching.

Over the summer I had considered all the pros and cons. In the end I decided to just follow my instincts. This is something I am cut out to do, and something I really want - a job that will push me out of my comfort zone and provide the challenges I need to grow as a person, a job where I'll need to take more (calculated) risks and deal with the consequences of my decisions, a job where real-world results will determine whether or not I've been successful.

The decision will affect my writing. This autumn I will not be able to take a sabbatical to write full-time, like I've done the past two years. I'll have fewer holidays and will be away more often.

Yet I'm more excited than worried. I tend to be more productive when I have a lot going on, and this will give me the opportunity to see more of the world and meet more people, which inspires my writing. My novel is also at a stage where I can afford to do this, and the future lies wide open.

On another note, this is also the first anniversary of my blog - yet another reason to celebrate. So get yourself a glass of your favourite celebratory drink and join me in the happy dance!

Image: 'Champagne' by iko. Available under a creative commons license. © 2004, iko.
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  1. Alright! This is wonderful news K.C. and congratulations. I've always felt this sort of change is so good for the soul.

  2. Congratulations. It sounds like an amazing opportunity.

  3. All Right...look at all those little white shoes moving in unison..
    Congratulations on the new job and happy blogaversary. Celebrate. Let the adventures begin!

  4. I'm so excited for you, congrats! I'm in that same place, after being in this career track for 13 years I'm ready to evolve into something different, so we'll see!

    But Kool n the Gang? Girl, I dunno... Do I have to do the electric slide as well? :)

  5. Towanda: thanks! That's a good way to describe it: it's exactly what I feel. Happy soul here. :-)

    Rosalind: thank you! I think it is. :-)

    Delores: lol, I hadn't noticed the white shoes, but they're brilliant indeed. :-)

    EcoGrrl: if the time's right, opportunities tend to be easier to see, don't they. :-)
    (And the electric slide is entirely optional) ;-)

  6. Wow, congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you, that's wonderful. And now I'll be singing Kool & the Gang for the rest of the day LOL.

    Congrats too on your blog anniversary, yay! :)

  7. Big congratulations! I'm very happy for you. Change like that is good. I agree it will affect your writing, but in a positive way. Like you said, you are someone who is inspired by the world, so any job that let's you see more of it is a good thing. Yay!!

    And congrats on the one year anniversary!! I've no doubt you have champagne and chocolate on hand to celebrate. :)

  8. Julie: sorry about that. }=)

    L.G.: thanks a lot. :-) And: guilty as charged; champagne and chocolate have been consumed. :-)

  9. Huge congratulations! It sounds a wonderful opportunity and I so agree that we need to stretch ourselves sometimes (which I need to do more of!). And like you, I'm more productive when I'm busy. All the best with this next stage of your life, K.C. Please let us know how you're getting on now and then.

  10. what possible cons could you find in a job which demands international traveling? :)

    Congrats on the first birthday, time to stop pooping in your diapers :P

  11. Raising a glass of cider for you! Congrats!

  12. I was going to say the same as Delores.... all the white shoes kicking out in rhythm along with my ratty old slipper. I got my thimbleful of elderberry and got into the dance. Love your celebrations. Congrats on all the good that is coming your way.Yay, you shine, girl.

  13. 'Yet I'm more excited than worried.'

    The only sign you need. I am thrilled for you and a little jealous-- a job that means international travel! (I think that's what you were communicating, right?)

    In any event, I love that you say you're cut out for it. It is a gift, I think, to be able feel you and your work are an excellent fit. I am very, very pleased for you, K.C.

  14. Rosemary: thank you so much for your lovely words. :-)

    DEZZY: good point, and thanks about the diapers tip. ;-)

    Anna: thanks. :-) Cheers!

    Manzanita: I love that image of the thimbleful and I'm so glad you've picked elderberry (wine). It's very fitting: a long time ago when I was taking a herbalism degree, I wrote my dissertation about elder. It's one of my favourite plants / herbs! :-)

    Suze: every once and a while anxiety hits (the flip side of being someone who tries to consider all possible sides of a situation, I suppose) but overall I'm really excited. :-) Thanks! :-)

  15. A belated congratz, KC! Sounds like you'll thrive with your new job - very happy for you.

  16. Thanks! :-) It's quite a challenge so I'm taking it one day at a time for now. :-)


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