3 Oct 2011

Le Nouvel Automne Est Arrivé.

Autumn is here. Or is it? We've had clear blue skies and temperatures around 25°C for over a week, which is more summer than we've enjoyed all through August.

Yet the mornings have a chilly bite to them and our trees have transformed into multi-coloured marvels with crispy leaves that rustle and crackle on their way to the ground. Clusters of mushrooms have sprung up to confuse the cats on their daily trot to the food trays - yes, autumn is here all right.

While nature is shedding its fruits and preparing to go underground for the winter, I spent some time in my hammock today, basking in the afternoon sun and thinking about my own harvest: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It struck me how much my life has changed these past few years. If I had to label the difference, I think 'ownership' would be a good word. I feel like I've finally taken the reins of my life, not in a strained and no-room-for-improvisation kind of way, but definitely more focused than I've ever been.

The interesting thing is that I still don't know where I'm going. My focus doesn't seem to be a goal or a point in the future. Instead it's coming from within, born from a better insight in what I can do, what I like to do and what I want to contribute to the world.

Writing has been an important factor and a catalyst in this process. By looking for the right words, I'm discovering what it is I want to say. By looking for ways to get my message across, I'm finding out why it's so important to me.

This is going to be an interesting season; I wonder what else it's got in store ....

What are you harvesting this year?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. This season I will look for things I can do to improve my craft: reading more, writing more, editing more. Submitting more. The weather is finally starting to turn, and it smells like fall. Thanks for the inspiring post.

  2. We've had some of the most beautiful days of the year these last few weeks. The flowers have all rebounded from the terrible summer heat and are enjoying a last hurrah. It's kind of sad that they are at their most robust just before the first frost hits, but I'm enjoying the garden immensely.

    Personally, I'm going to just keep plugging along and try and finish this new first draft over the winter. Fingers crossed.

  3. I can really relate to what you say here because I don't know where I'm going either my life has changed so. It is a radical change to no longer have work in my life.

    Fall for me always seems real the closer Halloween gets.

  4. You sound like you are in a very good place, K.C.

  5. I plan on harvesting everything that leads away from self-limiting patterns. ~Mary

  6. Anna: sounds great. :-) Fall's a good season for writing, isn't it? :-)

    L.G.: nice to hear how the exceptionally good weather isn't just a local thing :-) Good luck with your draft! :-)

    Rubye Jack, you're a woman of many names! I can imagine it's a big change when you're no longer working. Then again, you don't strike me as one to do nothing. ;-)

    Suze: it certainly feels so. It's quite intimidating yet empowering at the same time. :-)

    Mary: a noble plan. Much strength and courage to you! :-)

  7. Lovely post your days sound spectacular... rains came this weekend to Oregon.

  8. Munk: I think today was our last warm day, and we'll have rain again soon. It's been good, though. :-)

  9. Lovely photos - cool, crisp autumn is my favourite season so I didn't exactly welcome the recent heat (it's back to drizzle here)!

    Sounds like you're in a very interesting place just now, K.C, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you're headed. My husband is changing career from next week and I think it's going to be a positive change for me too. Need to identify exactly what I should be doing.

  10. Rosemary: Thanks! :-) I'm certainly loving the challenge and I hope you and your husband will as well. :-)

  11. K.C - just letting you know I've given you a Friendly Blogger Award this morning. You can pick it up from my readingandwriting blog anytime it's convenient!

  12. It sounds like you just turned the corner on the Street of Expectations. I feel like that often. There's kind of jittery, bubbly feeling of expectancy in the pit of your stomach. Nice.


  13. Thanks, Rosemary! I'll be over without delay! :-)

    Manzanita: that's exactly how it feels. Great description! :-)

  14. I think writing can be a really important component in aligning oneself with a purpose, a vital catalyst as you say.

    I can just imagine cats being confused by fungi suddenly appearing...

  15. Juliet: they seem happy the strange things are gone by now. :-)


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