21 Sep 2010

About me

My name is K.C. Woolf and I lead many lives.

In one of them, I write contemporary fantasy; in another one, I teach budding game developers about learning and game design; in a third, I am married to an incredibly smart man, who happens to mix the most scrumptious caipirinhas.

My passions are books, ideas, people and places. (Or herbs, health, chocolate and wine, ... depending on whom you ask - or the day, week, season or year.)

I was twelve when I wrote my first attempt at a novel. Afterwards I focused on poems, essays and stories until I went to university and stopped writing altogether. In the face of my great literary examples, the fear of not measuring up hit me like a steamroller and flattened my courage along the way.

In between the many distractions of adolescent life, I got an MA in English and German Literature and an additional degree in Educational Sciences, and I didn't write fiction for a full fifteen years. (Unless you'd count emails, project proposals, application files and reports.)

It took me a long time to find out how vital writing fiction is to me. Once I did, I began to research, dream up characters and build a world. Then I wrote my first full-length novel, a contemporary (rural) fantasy, set in the gorgeous English Cotswolds. I expect to be editing it forever after.

In between reading, writing and travelling, I explore the perimeters of a healthy and a Burgundian lifestyle. I can easily get lyrical about good, authentic food and great wines.

'The Woman Condition' tackles a wide range of topics, reflecting several of these lives. It also gives clues to what my novel is about - and helps to keep me sane.

I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it.


Site: http://www.kcwoolf.com/

Email: KC [at] kcwoolf [dot] com
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