13 Apr 2011

K is for Kittens.

I'm a cat person. I love how they don't grovel. Ever. Even when you feed them, they'll make you feel like you're the one who should be thankful.

Cats are fabulous at every stage of their lives, but I find them completely irresistible as kittens. Kittens are the epitome of cute.

Therefore, without further ado ... 8 great photographs of kittens. I'll leave it up to you to come up with captions!









Which one is your favourite?

Photo 1: 'Im a big mighty tiger!' by Anette K. Available under a creative commons license. © 2009, Anette K.
Photo 2: 'kitten' by Gary Goldberg. Available under a creative commons license. © 2005, Gary Goldberg.
Photo 3: 'Kitten' by jm2c. Available under a creative commons license. © 2009, jm2c.
Photo 4: 'Kitten faces' by Barbara Quinn. Available under a creative commons license. © 2008, Barbara Quinn.
Photo 5: 'Kitten & Barolo' by Alex Brown. Available under a creative commons license. © 2010, Alex Brown.
Photo 6: 'Kitten - Bitey' by Nicholas Lee. Available under a creative commons license. © 2006, Nicholas Lee.
Photo 7: 'Kitten, reading subtitles' by Eddy Van 3000. Available under a creative commons license. © 2007, Eddy Van 3000.
Photo 8: 'Kitten in a bowl' by Ragnhild Brosvik. Available under a creative commons license. © 2005, Ragnhild Brosvik.
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  1. Last photo is a cutie "What kind of a cheap place is this to not put a door on the porta pottie?"

  2. I love number 7. I had a black cat like that one once that liked to drape himself over my shoulders. Even when I walked around the house, he'd hang on. Cute stuff.

  3. I'll take one of each please!

    Why yes, I do already have four cats. Your point?

  4. @mybabyjohn: lol yes, there's definitely indignation going on there.

    @Sarah: You're welcome. BTW: loved your 'J'! :-)

    @L.G.: Sounds like a great image to use in a novel =)

    @C R: As long as it's just one of each, there shouldn't be a problem, right? =)

  5. Number 3.I'm trying to settle between getting a kitten and a puppy and this one turned the odds :)

  6. @damyanti: All part of the Cat Conspiracy! (What can I say ... I'm just a minion.) =)

  7. I like number two. I'd caption it, "more."

  8. @Angela: with a threatening 'or else ...' and a hint of 'I know where you live', even :-)

  9. Oh, now this is the epitomy of kuteness. love kitty with the wine bottle.

  10. Awww...so Cute! Loved 3, 4, 5, and 8 !!!

    Following you from A-Z challenge!

  11. The last one was my favorite. Although I'm more of a dog person than a cat person, that one won me over.

  12. @Stephen: totally :-)

    @Ju: I find it so hard to choose my favourite. 1, 3, 4, and 7 is quite unique, and 8, well - like I said: so hard to choose :-)

    @Shelli: quite the little charmer, isn't he/she? :-)

  13. I like 3 and 4. Cute! But then I could say that for all of them.

  14. @J.L. 3 and 4 are definitely the funniest =)


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