26 Apr 2011

V is for Venice.

For our honeymoon, we took a wine and gastronomy-themed road trip to Venice.

It was a fabulous vacation. We stayed in beautiful boutique hotels in the French Bourgogne region and the Italian Alps on the way over. On the way back, we spent a couple of days at the Lago Maggiore and in the French Alsace.

As a bonus, the journey gave us an opportunity - and the perfect excuse - to try out different sparkling wines: crémant de Bourgogne, several Italian spumanti, prosecco, and the crémant d'alsace. But I digress - 'W for Wine' is tomorrow's topic.

My post today is about Venice, possibly the most romantic city in the world. Also a very hot city, in early July, but we survived.

'Paint Everything, Tintoretto'.
© 2005, Josh Noel. - CC
It's hard to say which were my favourite sights in Venice, because there were so many, but I'll disclose one treat that might not be in the standard tourist package: the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.

The scuola was, like other scuole in the area, a kind of guild hall for wealthy citizens, built in the 16th century. Now it's a museum.

It consists of 2 floors, each decorated with lavish paintings by artists like Tintoretto and Titian. The upper hall also has amazing wood sculptures by Francesco Pianta.

It's such an inspiring place. I'll just have to use it in a novel one day!

A few more views of Venice

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  1. Oh, I so badly want to visit Venice! Sounds like a great trip! I stumbled on an article about places you need to see before global warming destroys them, and I was surprised Venice wasn't on there. I hope to go there on an anniversary trip somewhere in the not-too distant future, either way.

  2. Ah.... beautiful Italia! A country on my do-over list!

    I found your blog through the A-Z challenge and have read some of your other posts. I especially liked the introvert post - very informative - I'm now following you.

    You can find my A-Z posts at http://earthdragonhealing.blogspot.com please visit, and if you do leave a comment so I know you were by. Thanks!

  3. Oh, wow. I should have put Venice down on the Travel post for places I want to see. I keep reading Sarah Dunant's novels that are set in Italy -- especially Venice -- and her descriptions make it come alive.

    I believe you when you say it is the most romantic city. Great place for a honeymoon.

  4. I'm jealous! So beautiful with such a rich history of villainy and art.

  5. Oh I'd love to return to Venice one day. I love the place. All your photos brought back so many wonderful memories.

  6. Some day I'd love to visit Venice. I've read so many books that happen there ...

  7. My husband always said how much he wanted to visit Venice so before he began a course of chemotherapy last year we went for a week's holiday. It was fantastic, amazing. We pushed out the boat (so to speak) and stayed at a hotel overlooking the Grand Canal and breakfasted each morning watching the gondolas. We'll go back there one day for sure.

  8. @Shannon: yes, strange, I would expect Venice to be on that list too!

    @Laurie: thanks! :-) Interesting blog you have!

    @L.G.: it was perfect, in many ways. I would love to spend more time there to write. The city is full of tourists, but still beautiful, special, atmospheric, ...

    @Bish: yes, pretty accurate: a rich history of villainy and art. Good description :-)

    @Lynda: ah, I'm glad. For me too. I wished I had taken more pictures in the small streets and all the quirky corners, but I was experiencing it too much to think about taking photos :-)

    @Donna: if you have any book recommendations, I'm always interested! :-)

    @Rosalind: that sounds wonderful. There are so many great hotels there. We were quite close to San Marco, but not at the water. I'd love to stay in one of those palazzo hotels.

  9. Makes me want to go back. Just love Venice.

  10. SIGH! Gorgeous. What a brilliant place to honeymoon.

  11. Beautiful! Now I have to go there.

  12. @Karen: maybe a little detour on your way to Turkey? :-)

    @Talli: and my photos really don't do it justice. I was too busy enjoying myself and taking it all in to think about my camera. :-)

    @Shelli: depending on whether you like hot weather or not, spring or autumn are said to be the best seasons to go. It's very busy then, though. We went early July and I could have done with a few degrees less. :-)

  13. Wow, what gorgeous pictures! You make me yearn to travel. :-)

  14. @C R: perfect :-) I love travelling myself. :-)

  15. beautiful pictures! I so want to go there! Ill definitely start saving up and plan a trip for next time. :D

  16. @nutschell: wonderful :-) Enjoy your stay! :-)

  17. I love Venice. I've been twice. In my fondest fantasies I have a whole month, and I stay in the little pensione off San Marcos, and write and paint all day between espressos.

    Maybe someday. I can still dream.

  18. Let me know if there's a spare room in that pensione ;-)


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