5 Dec 2010

A Toy for Dark and Rainy Days.

Two more weeks and we'll be going through the longest night of the year. We've entered the dark times and in spite (or because) of that, my writing's actually going pretty well.

I love this time of year, but still, when I look through the window, I miss the colours of spring, summer and autumn. Especially now the snow has thawed to a vile greyish-brown sorbet, I'm longing to see the world in vibrant tones again.

Until the first blooms in March, memories and pictures will have to do. And I've found just the right online tool for that: the Multicolr Search Lab.

It allows you to pick a combination of up to 10 colours, and then it finds you a bunch of matching Flickr images. It searches between the most 'interesting' pictures under Creative Commons license, based on how Flickr users and visitors click, comment or tag them.

A few more picks that lifted my spirits:

If you want to have a try: http://labs.ideeinc.com/multicolr. Be warned, though, it's strangely addictive!
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