23 Dec 2010

Finally... a new banner. It's contest time!

As you might have noticed, the blog has a new banner, yay!

Can you guess where the picture was taken? The first person to guess correctly gets the choice between some of the rumtopf or a travel book!

I need the name of the location where the picture was taken, the name of the village and of the county and country it is in. Answers are only valid when posted as a comment to this post!

This is the original picture:

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  1. Etretat Normandie

  2. No, not Normandie. :-)

    Etretat looks gorgeous though. I'll need to go there!

  3. The cave of the Killer Rabit ... ;-)

  4. Now you're very close, but I'll need the name of the cave, the county (area) and the country it's in! =)

  5. Tristram cave, Polzeath, Cornwall

  6. or .. Merlin´s cave, Tintagel . Cornwall :-)

  7. Yes! We have a winner! Congratulations to Gina!

    The picture was taken in Merlin's cave in Tintagel, Cornwall (England).

    Just one more example to show that perseverance pays off, and in this case it pays off in rumtopf or a travel book: take your pick! :-)

  8. Yipie Yeah !! Great !! XXX

  9. So which prize do you prefer? The options are:

    - rumtopf
    - a travel book (choose between: Scotland, Ireland, Czech & Slovak Republic or a city guide of Prague)


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