31 Dec 2010

The Faces of Love.

Have you ever noticed how often and in how many different contexts we use the word 'love'?

We love our partner(s), our friends, family, chocolate, weekends, sex, champagne, reading, one or several gods and/or goddesses, a pair of shoes, the great outdoors, a glass of wine, a film, fireplaces, cats or dogs, an artist's work, travelling, spring, summer, autumn or winter. If anything, we are capable of many different kinds of love.

So what does 'love' mean? Or more importantly: what does it mean to you?

All-knowing Wikipedia defines love as 'the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.' It distinguishes between:
'the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love, [...] the sexual love of eros (cf. Greek words for love), [...] the emotional closeness of familial love, [...] the platonic love that defines friendship, [...] the profound oneness or devotion of religious love.' (Wikipedia)
Around and in between those, there are millions of variations and shades of love. Love is, above anything, something very personal and unique.

I wanted to find a way to share with you some of that strange and all-encompassing emotion that is love. Because an image can often convey more than a thousand words, I went on a search for photographs that each represent one of the many faces of love. It was a worthwhile journey, one I can only recommend.

May your 2011 be filled with love, joy and the will to learn. The opportunities will be there. Happy New Year!

Photo credit: Martin Neuhof

love and a cat
Photo credit: Sean Nash

Photo credit: Jules Morgan

Photo credit: Angelo Gonzalez

The real love, love never hurts,
Photo credit: http://www.thundi.com/

Photo credit: Amy T. Schubert

Kyrgyz couple
Photo credit: Evgeniy Zotov

Kiss: Ryan Gilbert + Michael Correntte / 20100117.7D.02106.P1.L1.SQ.BW / SML
Photo credit: See-ming Lee

Dancing to their own music
Photo credit: Lorenia
Chocolate love
Photo credit: Mortimer Khan

Bree and Zoe. Cwtch!
Photo credit: Jules Morgan
You don't have to say I love you...
Photo credit: Gabriela Talarico

Day 38 - Graham and Lilly
Photo credit: Robbie Kennedy

The Kiss
Photo credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões

For love's sake / blurb
Photo credit: Ko_An / Laura

Photo credit: Luc De Leeuw

Photo credit: David Zellaby

Happiness is sometimes so simple
Photo credit: Jeffrey Edwards

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

2009 Dia de los Muertos Community Altar, The Completed Altar, Detail 2, Bloomington Indiana
Photo credit: Michael Redman

Photo credit: adwriter

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  1. these words and pictures raise an energy which i can only describe as Love. thanx for sharing! <3

  2. Thank you so much. That's a great description of what the pictures did to me. I'm happy it translates.

    Have a great year!



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