14 Dec 2010

Of Den and Desk...

Here they are, as promised: the pictures of the new (old) writer's desk in my little corner up in the attic.

The left side of the den, in its virgin state.
The desk is a secretaire that's been in my husband's family for quite a while, and it's just perfect to write on. It's even got that particular antique resin smell that helps me submerge into 'the other world'.

With my dictionaries, scrapbooks, magazines and other reference material all gathered in one place, and my writer's den clutter-free again, I'm hoping to complete the first draft of my novel's final chapters less than a week from now.

Then I've got some more revising and editing to do, and - depending on how that goes - I think I'll be ready to start querying agents some time in the spring.

I've come to the point where I'm constantly veering between courage and anxiety. I've been thinking / researching / building / writing on this novel for about two years now, with a 6 month break in between where I was too busy with work and organising a wedding. Now that it's coming to a provisional end, it feels great. It's been a daunting project from the start and I couldn't have predicted I'd be able to shape my original idea into a full manuscript, let alone one I'm almost happy with.

The right side, equally untouched.
I'm aware that what comes next will entail a lot of rejection, uncertainties and smashed hopes.

But at the same time I believe I've created something that's worth while. And those of you who know me well also know that's something I don't say lightly, even less so about my own work.

Still, I know and accept that there are heaps of people out there with more expertise and experience in this field, and I'm looking forward to getting their feedback. I'm not afraid to continue chopping, chiseling, adding and rewriting until my novel is also 'ready' in their eyes.

Wish me luck, strength, perseverance, courage and anything else you think I'll need for the rest of this journey. And a heartfelt thanks to all of you for the support and encouragement so far!
Fully installed now. And a white wall to stare at.

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  1. I'v been wishing you luck for over two years now, god knows how many candles I've lit for you. I'm positive it will help in creating something wonderful to read> But please hurry up now will you? (just joking about the last phrase)

  2. Lol yes. I promise I'll finish it soon. Damn this blog, and Twitter, and Facebook! Oh yes, and work and getting married too! Otherwise I'd have it long done by now, I swear! ;-)

    Still, it's good that it's taken so long. The story's definitely much better now than it was a year ago.

    Hm, maybe I should take another year, imagine how great it might become! =)


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