15 May 2011

Almost 100 Followers: Time for a Giveaway!

It's been almost 8 months since I started blogging, and I just hit 90 followers, which I am really happy with. Over that time my blog has grown and developed into something I am quite proud of - when I allow myself.

After a couple of months of slow but steady traffic, when 'The Woman Condition' was mainly visited by family and friends, it is now reaching a wider audience, and the A to Z blogging month of April has been a major step in the process.

What a journey so far, from my first tentative steps out of the safe(r) shadows of internet lurking, to discovering my online voice and connecting with others as 'me' instead of one of the many facades that get me through everyday life.

What blogging has taught me more than anything else so far, is that it's okay to be less paranoid. Probably. Most of the time.

Anyway, in order to celebrate the nearly-100-followers and thank you for sticking around, I want to give away a few presents.

If you're anything like me - and I'm sure we have enough in common - one can't go wrong with Amazon gift cards, so I will be giving away 3 gift cards of either £10 at amazon.co.uk or $15 at amazon.com, whichever you prefer.

If you want to take part in the draw:
  1. Be a follower of this blog.
    (Old or new followers are equally welcome to take part.)
  2. Comment on this post what you most like about my blog.
  3. In your comment, mention which 3 posts on my blog you like/remember best.
This celebration giveaway will run until May 22, 2011, 4pm CET, which is exactly 8 months after I published my first blog post.

On the 22nd, an innocent hand (well, mine, but I give you my Leo Word of Honour that it will happen fairly) will draw 3 names from the qualifying comments. I will announce the winners here and inform them personally (via email, blog, FB, ... depending on what contact information I have).

Your answers should help me get a better idea of topics you'd like to see more of in the future, and (with any luck) I'll have a post to come back to every time I think my writing is awful and pointless and nobody could possibly be interested in what I have to say. I might be a Leo, but those days still happen. ;-)

Thanks for following, for your comments and your support!
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  1. Ooh, I'm in!

    What I like best about your blog is that it is often about living a fun, creative life.

    And, um, I like all your posts, but if I had to pick three:

    - C is for Chocolate. You knew I'd pick that one.

    - M is for MBTI. Most excellent.

    - And I really like your Lucky 13: Women Writers posts.

  2. I love the philosophical, life-afirming nature of your blog and I'm so pleased to have found it recently.

    Three posts I like are:

    'Lucky 13: Women Writers about Life'

    'Of Awesome Things and Thanks'

    'N is for Nature'

    Keep up the good work!

  3. The A to Z also did a lot for raising the profile of my blog and also for helping me find other great blogs - like this.

    I love the clean light coloured layout of your blog. It's how I like them, not too busy and fussy.

    I have only been a follower for a short while so haven't read many blog posts, so I had to go through and read a few (What a way to get people to read old posts, great!)

    Anyway, my favourite three are;

    1. This one, you're giving away a voucher where I could buy myself another book!

    2. The stylish blog award because I love learning things about people and I love your hair colour!

    3. B for Books. I love books and I loved the photographs of the books on shelves.

    Happy future blogging :)

  4. I like that you have an honest voice. When I read you're stuff I know you call it as you see it.

    Three favorite blog posts:

    1. C is for Chocolate
    2. N is for Nature
    3. P is for Poetry

  5. Great contest.

    1. Women writers
    2. Your stylish blogger award post, since we got to learn stuff about you.
    3. Samaria Gorge--lovely pics.

  6. I'm a new GFC follower-Elisabeth G
    Since I'm a new reader I've has some catching up to do!

    1. Lucky 13: Women Writers about Life, I enjoy reading inspirational quotes!
    2. I hope this counts as a post, I really enjoyed watching the Eco Flash Mob video
    3. Searching for the rainforest: the eco-friendly search engine

    What I like most about your blog so far is your attention to environmental needs, which is close to my heart.


    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  7. I'm not entering (not because I don't love you but because I feel guilty that I've won a couple contests recently and don't want to take over the blogosphere). But I do LOVE you and your blog in a totally non-creepy way and I'm really excited for you! My favorite posts? Are the ones you have yet to write because I love moving forward. Oh and P for poetry is pretty cool too. :P

  8. *wave to all*
    (just letting you know I'm reading all the comments and they're really useful - and great to read.)

    Thanks! :-)

  9. What a fabulous idea to have a competition about your blog. (I've got a strange deja vue feeling that I've said this before but can't see my comment above - am confused!) I guess my favourite blog would have to be the one where you gave me a Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you again for that. I really loved your Venice post so that comes second. And in third place it's chocolate. We watched chocolates just like those being made in Bruges. I can still remember the smell. Yum!

  10. Love you and your blog and i congratulate you on almost 100 followers, I'm going to tweet the hell out of this!

    I don't need a prize. i got mine- I saw my blog listed in your sidebar today. Thank you for the supreme compliment!

  11. Thanks, Rosalind and thank you, Toby! :-)


  12. I'm a brand new follower (#94) - Congrats on getting almost to 100. I've just found you but have spent the last hour browsing your site. What I really like is the positive, uplifting mood of your posts. Visiting this site makes me feel good (and I'll be visiting more often now that I've found you). I haven't read all of your posts but have browsed and read quite a few. So far, my favorites are (in no particular order):

    1) Lucky 13: Women Writers about Writing (2/20/11)
    2) Listen-to-Your-Heart Week (2/18/11)
    3) H is for Herbs (4/9/11)

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  13. Well, I'm new. Popped over from LG Smith's blog. I'm happy to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better.

    Blogs do progress over time. It's cool how we all seem to find our niche.

  14. @Small Footprints: great to meet you and I'm so happy you're enjoying my scribbles. I love your blog's overall theme, so I'll definitely be over on a regular basis. :-)

    @M Pax: likewise. SF ànd amateur astronomy: Count me in!

  15. Hi, KC! I've just discovered your blog through LG Smith's, and I'm honored to be your 97th follower! I don't know how I missed your blog during the A-Z Challenge, but I'm glad I found it now.

    I've been catching up, and these are my favorite posts so far:

    1) Lucky 13 - I love quotes, and all of these were fabulous

    2) They are beautiful and so are you - very powerful and inspiring

    3) This post! The giveaway is fun and I'm glad I found your blog in time to be a part of it.

    Great to meet you! :)

  16. Hi Julie, lovely to meet you and thank you so much for following my blog and joining in! :-)

  17. Congratulations on hitting a 100 followers:)

    I'm so glad I met you via A-Z! Will tweet this post :)

  18. Hey damyanti. :-) Thanks for spreading the word! :-)

  19. You can count me in too! I really enjoy your blog and it's hard to come up with just three posts! However, here they are:

    March 6 - From Basil to Bottle Bondage because it's such a great idea.

    April 22 - S is for Samaria Gorge because of the incredible life lessons it imparts.

    May 13 - Lucky 13 because I love the quotes and can imagine the women in the pictures as a group of writers who are ready to take on the world.

    Here's wishing you many, many more moths of blogging awesomeness!

  20. I love the fact that your posts are so eclectic...
    here are my top 3 (hard time choosing!

    They Are Beautiful and So Are You.
    Lucky 13: Women Writers about Writing.
    V is for Venice.

    congratulations on your almost 100 - enjoy this moment!!!

  21. Thanks, Laura! :-)

    Now, I'm going to let the innocent hand do its job and I'll be back with the results soon.

  22. I have announced the winners here.

    Congratulations! :-)


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