8 May 2011

It's Raining ...

... awards at the moment. Well, maybe not raining them, but I did get another one: the Versatile Blogger Award, passed on to me by the wonderful cyberpunk / paranormal romance / urban fantasy writer Sarah Mäkelä. Thanks!

This award, too, comes with the tradition attached to share 7 things about yourself, and to pass it on to other bloggers.

Reusing the 7 facts from the last award felt like cheating, so I've come up with new ones. Here we go:

1. I love Thai food.

2. I'm a total night owl - always have been.

3. I learnt to read when I was 4.

4. One of my favourite singers / musicians is Tori Amos.

5. I love the smell of campfire lingering on my clothes and in my hair.

6. I often struggle to balance cynicism and optimism in my life.

7. I wrote my Master's thesis about an obscure female poet from Berlin, Germany.

Now, it is my pleasure to pass on this award to the versatile, multi-talented:

- scientist and writer Alison Pearce Stevens.
- Rosalind Adam, writer and teacher who introduced me to the wonders of Leicester.
- artist and jewelcrafter Suzanne Redmond at Blue Sand Studio.
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  1. Thank you so much for the award and I'm delighted you enjoyed my A to Z of Leicester. I learnt to read at 4 too but I have to say I'm not a night owl at all. I've had it by 10 pm. I've always been like that, even as a teenager.

    Thanks again for the award.

  2. Congratulations - it's a well deserved award! I wish I was a night owl - but am zonked by 10pm too!

  3. Oh, we'll know plenty about you by the time you're done receiving awards. :)

    Off to check out the blogs...

  4. @Rosalind: I really enjoyed your A to Z series, and many other posts as well. Has the Leicester tourist board contacted you yet? They owe you! :-)

    @Laura: thank you, that's very kind. :-) 10pm is when I start getting into 'the zone'. I'm not worth much before 10am though. ;-)

    @L.G.: still nothing really important, I hope. It's such a tricky balance: sharing vs. privacy. =)

  5. Thank you so much! I LOVE Thai food, Berlin (though not familiar with its obscure poets), and the smell of a campfire. Looks like we've got a lot in common! :D

  6. @Alison: you're very welcome, 'versatile' seemed to fit! :-)

  7. Congrats, K.C. and thanks so much for your comment on my blog today. Love learning these things about fellow bloggers.

  8. Loved your seven items, especially the obscure poet - which one?

  9. @Karen: me too! Those little trivia help to colour in the picture I have of a person. :-)

    @Rosemary: thanks. :-) Karin Kiwus, she's called. Very little was known about her at the time I wrote my thesis, but I loved her poetry from the first poem I read.

  10. Awesome seven items! I'm a night owl too. =) I know what you mean as well about balancing cynicism and optimism. It's challenging. lol

  11. @Sarah: one of the biggest challenges in our lifes of relative luxury. :-)

  12. I love Tori Amos too, especially Talula and Hey, Jupiter :) Too bad she kinda disappeared recently.

  13. @DEZMOND: ah, has she? Disappeared from the media, you mean? I'm always late in picking up news about CDs and concerts, but she's played here in Belgium only a couple of months ago, and she's planning a new tour already afaik.


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