3 Jan 2011

Life Stories - the Interviews. Intro.

Yesterday I wrote an article about life stories. Last month I posted a list of questions. Now let us put the two together and take the next step.

I happen to believe that all life stories are interesting, as long as you take the time to look, listen and ask the right questions. Well, all through January, I'll be here, eyes and ears wide open, with plenty of questions to ask.

Dear readers, I am going to interview you!

Hopefully, my questions will trigger your stories and inspire you to share them with the rest of us. In bite-size chunks, revealing as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with.

What stories?

What do we want to read? Anything that is significant to you. From short anecdotes to grand tales of Life, Love and Learning. Experiences that taught you something invaluable, that made you smile or cry your heart out. From life's strange coincidences to the happiest day of your life. We would love to read about it.

How will this work?
  • Every couple of days I will post interview questions
  • Pick one (or more) about which you have something to tell
  • Post your answer, i.e. your story, in the comments (short), or email it to KC [at] kcwoolf [dot] com (for the longer ones)
  • Of the ones that are emailed, I'll make a selection and post paragraphs or summaries here.
I also want to invite you to reply to other people's stories, to reach out and connect. Often, when we're dealing with life, we feel like we're on our own. Let's show there are more of 'us' than we think!

Now, on to QUESTION #1...
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