13 Jan 2011

Life stories - the Interviews. Question #4

This post is part of the series: 'Life Stories - the Interviews'.
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Are you being a good friend to yourself?

Are you taking care of your body, heart, mind, soul and all the parts of yourself you consider important? (Yes, including those!)

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Tell us your story in the comments below, or via email to KC [at] kcwoolf [dot] com.
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  1. Not any more or less then I am towards others. So I guess you'll have to decide whether that's good or not :)


  2. No, no, I'm not getting involved. It's your story =)

  3. not nearly enough, I need to eat better and sleep more
    maybe I'll manage this year :)

  4. Good luck with that! :-)
    I think I'll write a few more posts about healthy eating soon. (and the practical reality of it, with tips & tricks that make it easier)

  5. Am I good friend to myself? Sometimes. Often, I push myself too hard trying to juggle work, family life, writing and exercise--that doesn't leave much time for me to recharge my batteries. I'm working on finding a healthier balance to kick back and just relax more so that I am a better friend to myself.


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