24 Jan 2011

Life Stories - the Interviews. Question #5

This post is part of the series: 'Life Stories - the Interviews'.
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If you only had 3 more months to live, would you continue doing what you are doing now?

What would you change?

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  1. No, I wouldn't. If I had my health still, I would want to travel for a part of those last three months. There are so many parts of the world that I have not yet seen.

    This is such a difficult question as it forces us to think about what we are doing now and causes us to question: Why are we doing it (especially if we don't like it)?

  2. I so agree!

    To me, one of the reasons why we do so many things we don't enjoy, is that we assume we have a long life ahead of us. There's always tomorrow.

    We tend to undervalue and underappreciate what we (think we) have in abundance.

  3. I would quit my job and travel around the country, see more of the world, visit all the family and friends I haven't seen in WAY too long and tell them how much I love them.
    I would also like to track down old friends.

  4. I would make sure to visit family and friends but apart from that, yes I would. I've been lucky and travelled a lot already, and I am lucky in that I can pretty much write full time now which is what I always wanted. I think I would not sleep for three months and try and put everything on paper, so when I am gone, there is something left for those who stay behind.

    (Um, okay cheese overload :D)

  5. Thanks, guys, it's great to read these!

    @sara: Tracking down old friends would be great. Probably a bit awkward as well, at first.

    @fenedra: It's probably not just luck, but also because of a number of really good decisions you've made, right? (I'm just guessing, though.)
    Writing full time... aaaahh... *drifts off*

  6. I don't know! Life just kinda seems to happen to me :D. I also think it is very much the idea my mother instilled in my brain that people should be content with what they have, because otherwise they will never be happy at all. Happiness lies in the small things you find every day, not something big you chase and can never have. That doesn't mean you can't dream though, just that it's useless to spend you time thinking 'If only-'.

    OMG what is it with me and cheesiness lately?? :D

  7. @fenedra: you must be going soft. Old age will do that to you! =)

  8. Je hebt me aan het denken gezet K.C. Woolf! Wat een konfronterende vraag.... Om eerlijk te zijn heb ik, wat betreft mijn professioneel leven, het antwoord nog niet volledig gevonden. Maar ik zou zeker ook meer tijd vrijmaken om te reizen en bij de mensen te zijn die ik graag zie.... En vooral minder piekeren en meer in het nu leven. K.


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