9 Jan 2011

Life Stories - the Interviews. Question #3

This post is part of the series: 'Life Stories - the Interviews'.
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Which 'little' things in life make you happy?

Tell us your story in the comments below, or via email to KC [at] kcwoolf [dot] com

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  1. I'll start off with a few of my own:

    - chocolate
    - an unexpected conversation that lasts until the morning
    - lying in the arms of someone you trust with your life
    - waking up and knowing you don't *have* to get up

  2. Sitting on the couch with my kids crawling all over me.

    Being able to tell my husband something I'm not proud of, knowing he won't judge.

    Finishing a painting.

    And yes, chocolate! And ice cream!

  3. - finding a poem that really says what you've been feeling but couldn't put in words before
    - fireworks
    - travel photographs

  4. @Lisa: Ice cream! How could I forget ice cream! *smacks head on table* ;-) (I'll take vanilla)

    @sara: poetry does that like nothing else, doesn't it? My novel's working title is based on a poem by Adrienne Rich (called Blood-Sister).
    I love travel photographs as well. Take me right back to the wonderful memories.


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