30 Dec 2011

Looking for a Home - the Sequel.

Two weeks ago I shared a few videos of our newest Guest Kittens and wrote about the subsequent 'Looking for a Home' campaign. Well, a lot has happened since then.

First of all, we've officially adopted their mum. She's been to the vet, has been sterilised and she's recovering well. We've named her Maharet, after the character from the Anne Rice novels.

We've also been working hard to gain our Guest Kittens' trust, with mixed success. It's going to be a long process, but worth the effort if we want to find them a good home.

Guest Kitten 1 is now lodged in our conservatory and we're getting close to being able to pick it up and pet it, without it crawling into a corner and hissing its tiny vocal cords in a twist.

Here's a video of Guest Kitten 1 'playing it cool'. Not an easy job when you're snuggled up on a giant sunflower ...

Anyway, this little cutie is still looking for a warm and loving home, so if you've got a whole lot of love and a little bit of time and space, drop me a line!

Guest Kitten wishes you a wonderful year's end
and an even better start of 2012!
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  1. You have a kind heart to care for all your little "guests" and find permanent homes for them.

  2. I wish you the very best of luck finding a home for those darling kittens. We adopted two grown up cats from the rescue centre this year. They were very traumatised but with patience and love we've been rewarded as they've turned into the most loving cats I've ever owned (and I've owned quite a few in my life!)

  3. I hope someone can take in the kitten!

  4. Aw, so cute. Sorry I can't help, but I do hope you find a loving home for the little kitten soon. Have a happy, healthy and successful New Year, K.C.!

  5. Delores: so far it's more 'looking' than 'finding', but thank you ;-)

    anne: totally! She's starting to play now. So cute. :-)

    Rosalind: thank you. It looks like I'll need it. :-) Love and patience - the main ingredients. I'm not very patient, though. ;-)

    Alex: No luck so far, but we're not giving up! :-)

    Rosemary: Thank you, and you too! :-)

  6. I have to admit, I have a very soft place in my heart for kittens!

  7. I'm glad to announce that since yesterday, Guest Kitten has found a new home with a nice couple and a lovely little girl.

    She is now living in a big house in the historic centre of Bruges. How lucky can you be ... :-)


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