11 Dec 2011

More Guest Kittens - Looking for a Home.

Last September, I recounted the adventures of Guest Kitten. I'm happy to let you know that in the meantime we have adopted her, she has undergone the inevitable veterinary procedures and she now goes by the name of 'Spook'.

A few weeks ago, we discovered she has 3 younger brothers and sisters. In other words, new Guest Kittens have arrived. 

Their mum, who was left behind by her owners when they moved earlier this year, is now lying on a cushion in the conservatory, awaiting a visit of her own to the vet. She knows what we have in store for her; she's been glaring at me through the window all evening.

Still, we can't continue adopting every stray cat in the neighbourhood (I admit I have considered it), so we are looking for a new home for the Amazing Kitten Threesome. If you happen to live anywhere near Belgium and have a big heart, house or garden, drop me a line!

I don't need to tell you they are the cutest kittens ever. You know you want to be cuddled up in front of a fire this winter with a few of these crawling all over you:

And if you're still not convinced ... 
(warning: do not watch the following video if you're cuteness intolerant or easily swayed by emotion!)

Pretty please?
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  1. Oh how I wish I could. They are so sweet. I hope you find good homes for them.

  2. Ah, they are so very precious!!! I need a cat but have to wait awhile. I hope you find a home for them soon.

  3. I would - but I have four of my own lodging with us lol. I had no idea they could eat so much and look longingly at your dinner just like a Labrador can.

    I'm now very skinny.


  4. Delores: they're adorable. They're letting me get closer every day, so they'll soon experience the joys of being petted. =)

    Rubye Jack: I hope so. I wish we could keep them, but if we're keeping the mum she'll be n°5, which is more than enough, really. :-)

    Rory: insatiable creatures they are! Picky, too. We give them different kinds of food just to make sure they don't eat it all at once. They only touch the cheaper kibble when they're really hungry.

  5. I should have heeded your warning and not watched the last clip. Now I want to fly to Belgium and take all three of them! Too precious, I hope you are able to find homes for them, KC.

  6. Oww, Julie! Well, you'd be welcome here, and I'd entrust them to you, but if that wouldn't work, I promise I'll find them another good home. ;-)


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