4 Jan 2012

Sunflower Kitten Hotel.

2012 started well for Guest Kitten 1. On the second day of the New Year, she moved to a big house in the historic centre of Bruges (how lucky can you get ...) to live with a loving couple, their wonderful little girl and two big-hearted Golden Retrievers.

Since her departure we've managed to capture her two remaining siblings and now they too enjoy the perks of our temporary three-star Sunflower Kitten Hotel (formerly known as: The Conservatory).

They're still very shy, but each day they become more curious, playful and at ease. Earlier this morning one started purring when I was near, which makes me hopeful they'll want to check us out soon.

It means that in a matter of days, these two cuties will also be ready to go to a new home.

Therefore, if you're anywhere in or near Flanders, Belgium and you have a big heart, house or garden, drop me a line.

Below I've enclosed two more videos - for your entertainment and okay, maybe a bit to play on your emotions ....

Feel free to pass them on to your family and friends! ;-)

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  1. Sweet little babies...I hope they too, find a home.

  2. Ah, they are so precious and hopefully you'll find them a good home very soon.

  3. Aw - so cute and I love their sunflower bed! Hope you find good homes soon.

  4. Thanks, Delores, Rubye Jack and Rosemary! The Twins are still in our conservatory and this morning they both ate out of my hand (literally).

    I suspect it'll take a few more days before I can pick them up, but at least there's progress. :-)

  5. Oh my gosh, one of these cuties looks almost exactly like my much-loved cat Thomas, who passed away in 2009. If I didn't have to fly across the ocean to get him, I'd be dying to snatch him up.

    So glad your first guest found a wonderful home, and I hope for the same for these two dolls. They are so precious! Love the pics and videos. <3

  6. They are so adorable. Good luck with finding them a home.

  7. Julie and Rosalind: these two seem a bit harder to socialise. I suspect it's because they're together, so they're less likely to come to us for company. But one day at a time ... :-)


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