2 Jun 2011

Books in the Closet.

© Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick

I recently came across a gorgeous decorating project I just had to share.

Last month, Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick turned a fitted wardrobe into a fabulous book nook.

© Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick
I love nooks. As a student, one of the rooms I rented had a large cupboard-under-the-stairs with a sloping ceiling and painted bright red on the inside.

First thing after I moved in, I lugged my bed in there and turned the space into a cosy miniature bedroom.

The bed barely fit and it took great agility to get in and out every day, but that only added to the fun. Really.

Still, charming as it may have been, my improvised bed nook was nowhere near as beautiful as this book nook.

What a clever and creative use of space. I think this will soon be everyone's favourite part of the house, kids and adults alike.

On her website, Sarah tells us all about how she made the nook and she shares plenty of gorgeous photographs. She even posted a detailed how-to of the entire process, in case you feel inspired.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing this wonderful idea and letting me use your pictures!
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  1. I love that. Everyone wants a secret hideout where they can quietly read.

  2. That's so cool! Kids (and adults) would love that.

    I remember staying in a Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver when I was a kid, and one of the "bedrooms" was a closet under the stairs. The bed took up the entire space, and darn if my older sister didn't get the privilege of sleeping in there that night. :/

  3. funny as a cupboard to me is the thing that you put your dishes in above the kitchen counter, so i was imagining this as a space for a barbie doll to read, haha

  4. @Suzanne: so true :-)

    @L.G.: that is ... that is ... *sputter* ... so unfair!

    @EcoGrrl: lol, okay. I don't think Barbie was made for reading, though. :-) I'll make a few adjustments to the article for better international understanding. Then again, it might be more inspiring this way. =)

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing! Will have to check out Sarah's page.

  6. Oh, what a gorgeous hideaway - it's just calling to someone to sit there curled up with a book. Great idea - but where would I put my clothes?

    Maybe husband could move his clothes out of the wardrobe in daughter's old room...

  7. Love the nook and the book as well.

  8. It's very charming. I love the colors. Very creative, indeed.

  9. Oops I used the wrong URL. Dang not being able to comment right thing.

  10. That's a lovely nook...I have a nook in my study...it overlooks the city skyline on one side and bookshelves on the other :)

    Daily (w)rite

  11. @D.U.O.: it's totally worth checking out. :-)

    @Rosemary: that sounds only fair - don't tell him I said it, though. :-)

    @Munk: I don't know the book, but with a title like that, I'll have to check it out.

    @Mary: yes, it's so well done. :-)

    @Damyanti: that sounds wonderful! We want pictures. :-)

  12. oooh, we love cozy book spaces in hidden niches :)

  13. Thank you SO much for the mention, I really appreciate it!! :)

  14. DEZZ: we do! =)

    Sarah: I love this project. Thanks for letting me share it! :-)


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