16 Nov 2010

Beauty in our back garden.

Here's something I discovered earlier and I just had to share: a project called Wild Wonders of Europe.

You can tell that the people behind this project are passionate about nature. They want to remind us of the stunning biodiversity we still have, right on our doorstep. And they strongly believe that the emotional power of beautiful photographs is a great way to do that. I couldn't agree more.

What I also love is that, instead of telling the sad stories, they want to celebrate the successes and the wildlife-comebacks. Their motto: 'Conservation works! We just need more of it!'

You can also take part in a monthly photo competition with lots of great prizes. As a bonus, the two overall winners get to go on a photo mission to a wild destination in Europe, fully equipped with professional photo gear. Last year's winners Markus from Norway and Janne from Finland went on a trip to the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Check out beautiful pictures from your favourite countries in the Wild Wonders galleries, their beautiful videos of wildlife in action, or have a look at the book they released earlier this year. Enjoy!

Wild Wonders Banner
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  1. Thank you for sharing this project with us! It's really true ... a picture is worth a 1000 words. Sometimes photos touch us in a way that nothing else will ... and if those photos are directed at conservation and the natural world ... brilliant!

  2. Hi Cyndi :-)

    I love this project. It gives many people the opportunity to contribute, and I think you're right about pictures: we live in a visual culture, so it's a good idea to appeal to sight to remind us of the beauty around us.


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