7 Oct 2010

Rêver de roulottes...

The summer holidays are gone again, which tends to make me a bit melancholic. I usually deal with that by becoming slightly more domestic, expressed by a sudden interest in making chutneys, pumpkin soup and fruit liqueurs in all the beautiful colours of autumn.

It also makes me fantasize about the summers-to-come, and the places I would love to go next.

I'm not a list-making type of person, but I have a number of places in mind where I still want to go, for different reasons. Sometimes to discover a country, area or culture I'm really interested in; to visit a site of great historical (or personal) value, or just because I've found a rare, pure holiday gem that calls to me, regardless of the location.
This can be a precious B&B, a quirky boutique hotel or any kind of place where I feel that the owners have put a tremendous amount of love, time and care into creating something that's truly unique.

A few months ago I found one of those, or at least one that - on its website - seems to have that magical potential. It's located in the high Beaujolais region in France, and it consists of beautifully decorated historic ... gypsy caravans!

Wouldn't you like to spend some time in one of these... living out your creative, romantic or vagabond dreams?

More pictures on their website: http://www.lesroulottes.com/ 

In case you're considering to get one of your own: check out http://www.les-verdines.com/.
Or if you'd rather just stick to dreaming, I love Jeanne Bayol's books and the pictures on her website: http://www.jeanne-bayol.com/.

Have a great autumn!

Thanks to Pascaline and Jeanne for so kindly letting me use their pictures!
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